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Current ISA rules

Current ISA rules

Do you know the current rules governing ISAs?

ISA rules

Direct or Platform

Direct or platform?

The difference between investing direct or through a fund supermarket (platform)

Direct or platform?

Junior ISAs Explained

Junior ISAs explained

What is a junior ISA and who can invest in them

Junior ISAs

Investment Types

Investment types

Find out what types of investments are available

Investment types

Which fund is right for me?

Which fund is right for me?

Unsure what fund to invest in? We may be able to help you decide

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Income or Growth?

Income or growth?

An explanation on the difference between taking income from your investment or letting it accumulate

Inc. or acc.?

Individual Savings Accounts

The government wants us to save, this is why they offer us incentives. However, there really aren't that many tax giveaways that are widely available to everyone. The Individual Savings account represents one of the best available tax breaks to all UK residents. This savings vehicle started life in 1997 and was brought in by the then chancellor of the exchequer, Nigel Lawson. The Personal Equity Plan (PEP) had a tax free limit of £6,000 with no more than 25% being invested in overseas equities. Back then you could also take out a single company PEP for £3,000 in a company such as BT, Shell, Rolls Royce etc.

Since its humble beginnings, it has now grown into a tax free allowance of £20,000 which can be invested in stocks and shares, cash or any combination of the two. This allows you to build up, over time, a considerable sized portfolio. And, even if you are saving just £25 per month, this could also turn into a large savings pot which will be completely free of any capital gains tax!