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Client testimonials

Here is just a small selection of comments our clients have made about us and the services we offer. If you wish to send us a comment please click here.

About our services generally

I would like to go on record as expressing my appreciation for the kindness, patience and efficiency of ALL of your staff I have spoken to over the last few days. They have led me through, what is to me, a 'nightmare of a minefield'. Without their extremely professional help I would not have been able to achieve my goal. It would be invidious to mention them by name as their standards are all as high as anyone could wish. My wife and I have some money invested, through another Co. similar to yours, which we will be tranferring to you in the not too distant future as we have been so impressed by your service and staff.

Dr C Collingwood

The fact that I have dealt with you for so many years really tells all. I feel you cannot be surpassed for confidence inspired by speed, reliability and understanding of any problems. My wife and I would like to thank you most sincerely for your past services.

Mr F Pingram

Even though you do not give financial advice, regular contact is reassuring in the rocky world of investments. As one's circumstances change over time, up-to-date information is always welcome. You provide an excellent service.

Mr G Swallow

I think your service is brilliant. I will recommend you to my friends. In retirement every little helps.

Mr D Smith

More efficient than most. Keep up the competitive service.

Mrs J S Wyatt

Everything you do is excellent. Thank you.

Mrs J Lewin

Elson Associates have been competent and efficient in fulfilling their administrative obligations and I would, and indeed have, recommended the company to friends.

Mr D G Jones

I am pleased with services you offer and have within the last year recommended them to three members of my family.

Mr K Blenkharn

Thank you for the consistently good service over the years I have dealt with you.

Mr H Bibby

I like your clear and concise literature which is in plain English, not jargon language that only a city person would understand. A general thanks for your service. The investment valuation report is superb.

Mr M Shaw

You were recommended to me by my friend over 10 years ago and your service and performance hasn't faltered in that time so I recommend you to others.

Mrs J Strellis

About our staff

Many years ago a director of Reed Elsevier said to me "If someone does a good job, don't just tell him, tell his boss."

In this spirit I would like to commend the excellent customer service my wife and I have received from Paul Anscombe.

You may be aware that recently we had several structured product ISAs mature early; and in each case we asked Paul to arrange ISA transfers into our Cofunds account. At all times the admin was handled quickly and efficiently; and when Cofunds 'mislaid' our transfers from Meteor, Paul kept on top of the situation on a daily basis until the problems were resolved.

We could not have asked for a better service.

We are sure he is a valued member of your team, and we hope to continue to place investments through him for a long time.

Mr P Hines

I have been a client with you for several years and have always received excellent service.

I have been dealing with your Customer Services team over the last 6 months while transferring my portfolio of funds onto the Cofunds Platform.

This has thrown up quite a few problems involving share class changes, dividends re-payment and many more which have been handled very professionally and timely.

I would like to say that one person in your Customer Services team, Robert, stands out. He has been extremely patient and understanding of all my questions and has always been polite and knowledgeable, always giving me the information required. I cannot speak more highly of him and you should be aware of this.

Once again, thank you for your service, and please thank Robert on my behalf.

Mr G C Bruerton

I think now is the time for me to take a moment to do something that I have been meaning to do for months, maybe years. I want to send a feedback note to your top guy, with my views - all entirely positive! - about the overall service that your firm has provided over the many years that I have been a client. What has happened in the past couple of weeks is actually just one example of the intelligent, "can-do" approach the you guys always seem to offer - not just Peter Downer and James Wallis, but other names I have dealt with are Dave Bremer, Paul Anscombe and maybe one or two more. I think it's right to record positive feedback, where it is due.

Mr K Hales

I wish to highly compliment you on your staff, two in particular with whom I've had dealings with recently - Peter Downer and James Wallis. The two have been exceptionally polite, professional, helpful, organised and extremely good on the communications side - skills sadly lacking in so many companies these days. Their customer service is second to none and they have made my decision to move to Elson for my financial business a "no brainer". I am delighted to be doing business with such a professional organisation.

Ms R Naden

Staff have always been professional and courteous. When I have requested paperwork it has been dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Mr R Smith

All dealings with Elson have been positive and well handled. Your employees are professional which instils confidence. I have therefore recommended Elson on many occasions.

Mrs E Cooper

First contact person is very helpful. You have always done exactly what you said you would which is splendid.

Mrs G E Lawson

All team members are extremely helpful.

Mrs E McFarland

Any telephone conversation I have with your staff is good. Staff are always helpful and 'go the extra mile' to ensure satisfaction.

Mr J E Kidgell

All of your staff are very good and helpful all the time.

Mr D M Hauff

When I phoned with a question I got a real person rather than a machine. This was very refreshing.

Mr A Hazelton

About our discounts

I am impressed with your discounts on PEPs/ISAs and discounts generally...

Mrs V Hutton

Service provided by you is excellent and unmatched by any of the discount brokers. You are getting better and better by the day. You are saving money for investors and that is fantastic.

Mr D Sonawane

We all appreciate your excellent unequalled discounts. We trust you are settled in your new office at Tower View. Much appreciated discounts. Continue this service Graham.

The Gebbels family

About our reporting services

The fund monitoring service and ranking of performance is excellent. The fund managers themselves will not present this if they are underperforming and I can quickly see where changes need to be made.

Dr P J Watson

I am particularly pleased with the fund monitoring and valuation reports. After an investment is made, some advisors seem to forget that the client exists!

Mr R M Thomas

The valuation reports are excellent. They provide the most detail of any I receive.

Dr Dunn

I find the fund monitoring and valuation reports of immense benefit - well done!

Mrs A R Werrell

The regular Investment Valuation Report you provide is excellent, and very helpful in enabling easy comparisons to be made between investments, and in providing fund values in one convenient place.

Mr B Belsey
A first class service

We pride ourselves on a fast, efficient and accurate service. This high quality of service instils confidence in our organisation, resulting in repeat business, and an increasing number of new customers through recommendation.

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