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Fund monitoring and valuation

An important part of our service is to ensure that once invested through us, we help you keep track of the valuation and performance of your investments. We do this in various ways. Firstly, we will automatically send you regular six-monthly fund monitoring and consolidated valuation reports, free of charge. We also encourage you to set up a free online account so that you can view your investments in one consolidated view online, including their values, updated on a daily basis and their comparative performances over different time periods. You can also view and edit personal information securely, once logged into your account.

We understand that not everyone has access to the internet which is why we not only send these reports six-monthly, we are also happy to send printed reports at any time to our clients available on request. These reports will help you keep track of the performance of your funds and act as an aid when making decisions about your investment strategy.

The reports include any investment funds you hold through us with one or more of the following companies which you can view by clicking here. You can also add your own investments with our online account even if they are held elsewhere. These can also include individual shares. For a full list of these fund companies please click here.

These companies represent the vast majority of our clients' funds but we are always working hard to add more if possible.

Your fund monitoring report illustrates the performance of your fund over 1, 3 and 5 years, comparing its performance over these periods to the sector average. It also shows the position your fund has achieved in its sector over each of these key periods together with its quartile ranking.

Additionally, the report shows how your fund has performed over each of the last five years. If the report shows that your fund is consistently ranked in the 3rd or 4th quartile over 1, 3 and 5 years, then its position within its sector over these periods has been consistently below average. If your fund falls into this category, we recommend that you review its performance in light of this information.

The quality of your investment decisions depends on you having accurate, up-to-date information. You need to know how your investments are performing, but equally, it's important to know how much they are worth. In your report you can see at a glance how much your Unit Trust/OEIC investments are worth. The information is:

  • Accurate - we get it directly from the investment firms.
  • Comprehensive - you view all your investments with the most popular investment firms where we are the appointed agent. Together, these firms account for the vast majority of our clients' investments.

If you have any questions regarding our valuation and fund monitoring report, please feel free to contact us here.

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Elson Associates does not offer advice as to the suitability of investments. If you are unsure whether an investment is suitable for you, you should obtain expert advice. Past performance of an investment is not necessarily a guide to its performance in the future. The value of investments or income from them may go down as well as up. You may not necessarily get back the amount you invested.

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