How to make your investment

Making an investment through Elson Associates is simple. Please make sure you read our Terms and Conditions of Business.

Please ensure you follow these four main steps:

  1. Read and complete each section of the form ensuring you sign and date the declaration.
  2. Write out your cheque (from your own personal account) for the amount you wish to invest, making it payable to the appropriate investment company. The correct payee details can normally be found on the application form. Don't make your cheque payable to Elson Associates as we do not handle client money. Building society cheques are acceptable but must include a reference to your name. For example, payee � XYZ investment company (ref your name). This reference should be on the front of the cheque.*
  3. Sign and return the enclosed Fee Agreement (if investing with Aegon or Fidelity FundsNetwork).
  4. Return your completed application form and cheque to us in the FREEPOST envelope provided.

* If you are making an investment with Invesco Perpetual, please ensure the bank or building society add your full name, permanent residential address and their branch stamp to the back of the cheque. Unfortunately, Invesco Perpetual will reject any bankers drafts or building society cheques that do not meet this criteria.

You must enclose a cheque for the first monthly payment when submitting your application form.

Just send us the completed ISA transfer application form (and, if applicable, the completed Fee Agreement). As soon as we receive your form, we will send it to the new plan manager who will in turn write to the existing plan manager to request that your funds be transferred across. This process can take up to several weeks to complete.

Simply complete the form on the back of the Agency Appointment Pack - one line for each company you hold investments with. If your funds pay renewal commission that is transferable to us, then you will be entitled to a cash-back. Depending on the funds transferred, you may also be eligible to receive our regular fund monitoring and valuation reports.

If you send your application form directly to the investment company, they may not apply the relevant terms and discounts. For this reason, we request that you return your application to us for processing.

Total transactions that are equal to or over £50,000 will require full identification.

To comply with government anti-money laundering regulations, your identity will be verified for anti-money laundering purposes. This may include obtaining information about you from a credit reference agency. This information will only be used for verification of your identity. However, if you are investing on behalf of a third party e.g., in trust we will require you to supply full anti-money laundering identification for all parties involved in the investment. In this event, please see information in the money laundering section for acceptable forms of identification.