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The Junior ISA (or JISA) works in exactly the same way as a conventional ISA does except that it is specifically designed for under 18s. It's the perfect way to create a nest egg for your child or grandchild. With the product being able to accept payment from multiple sources it really does have the ability to be the gift that just keeps on giving.

If you are looking to save for a child or grandchild on a monthly basis then the Junior ISA could be the ideal solution. By contributing £100 per month from birth to 18 years old assuming an average annual growth rate of 6%, it would generate over £39,000 when the child is able to access it. I am sure you would agree that this would be a fantastic kick start to any young persons life.

Junior ISAs will be available for any child resident in the UK who is:

  • Born on or after 3 January 2011.
  • Born before September 2002 and is under 18.
  • Children born between the above dates who do not have a Child Trust Fund.
  • Allowance of £9,000 per child per tax year.
Yes, although a parent or guardian must open and manage the child's Junior ISA.
Like adult ISAs, there are two types of Junior ISA; cash or stocks & shares. Children will only be able to hold one cash Junior ISA and one stocks & shares Junior ISA at any time.
New rules introduced recently mean that a Child Trust Fund can now be transferred to a Junior ISA. For more information on how to do this, please contact us.

Once a parent or guardian opens a Junior ISA for their child, anyone, friend or family, is able to make a contribution up to the annual limit.

We are offering the Junior ISA through Fidelity FundsNetwork. Fidelity FundsNetwork offer a choice of investing in approximately 1,200 funds through their platform.

Fidelity offers ALL funds with No initial charge plus Free switching costs, charges may vary so please contact us for details.

For further details, please contact us for a full comprehensive information pack including a factsheet on Junior ISAs and the Fidelity Fundsnetwork application forms and key features.

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