Converting your funds for better outcomes

The recent introduction of clean share classes means that there's now a more profitable way for you to hold your existing funds and ISAs; one which could significantly improve your returns and therefore your wealth with absolutely no downside.

Depending on the size of your portfolio and future growth, you could be looking at adding thousands of pounds in extra profit over the longer term - and yes, that's without changing any of your funds.

If you hold existing ISAs and/or funds either directly or through a broker with companies like Artemis, Henderson, Invesco Perpetual, Jupiter, M&G and Newton, it's highly likely that you're now paying over the odds for these investments.

Use the calculator below to see just how much you stand to gain by converting your funds. Build your report by adding all the funds you currently hold which are still on the old ‘bundled’ charging basis. As you do this, your funds will appear in your report showing the charges you are currently paying on the left hand side with a comparison on the right of what you will be paying once you convert to clean share classes through us.

You can download our guide 'Converting your funds for better outcomes' for more information.

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