Fund manager valuation list

One of the benefits of setting up an online account with Elson is the convenience of being able to view your portfolio of investments in one place, the values of which are updated on a daily basis.

If we already act as your agent on your investments, then we'll be able to provide valuations automatically on many if not all of these investments. The fund manager list entitled Investments we can add for you is a list of all the companies for which we can provide this service. These companies represent the vast majority of our clients' investments.

You may hold investments with companies not in this list or outside our agency. You may also hold single company shares. Our online valuation service allows you to include these investments as well to give you a comprehensive, consolidated view of all of your unit trust, OEIC and share investments. This second list is entitled Investments you can add yourself.

Please note that whist you can edit investments you have added yourself, you will not be able to edit investments we have added automatically for you.

Investments we can add for you

View the list of fund managers we add and update automatically.

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Investments you can add yourself

View the list of companies you can add to your portfolio.

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