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FundsNetwork - Update

Below are a list of fund changes that have occurred in the last three months and those that are coming up soon. Please note that due to confidentiality agreements some fund updates will not be shown until they are complete.

Here you will find updates and corporate actions for mutual funds, if you are invested in exchange-traded investments, corporate actions can be found once you have selected your account(s).

If clients with a regular savings plan paying into any of these funds that are suspended, then they will continue to collect those payments but deposit them as cash in their account. For the funds that have reopened, the regular savings plan will revert back to invest into the originating fund.

For clients with a regular withdrawal plan or who are taking income from a pension, please be reassured that you will continue to receive your regular amount, as any money normally deducted from a suspended fund will be deducted from cash or by selling a different fund. We are also able to review your portfolio and make amendments to the disinvestment strategy online, such as amending the funds or fund disinvestment allocations.

Any income received from these funds will no longer be automatically re-invested but will be paid into the cash account instead.

Russia fund suspensions

A number of fund providers have suspended dealing in their funds. FundsNetwork have also taken the decision to restrict new investments into some funds with significant exposure to Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Along with their fund partners they are continually reviewing the position of these funds and will update this table as necessary.

Please download the pdf below to view the status of each fund.

If you have any questions regarding this article, please contact us.

- uploaded - 16 March 2022

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