Agency Appointment

Appointing us as your agent

Appointing us
as your agent

You can appoint us as your agent on your existing investments. These investments may be ones you took out directly with the fund manager or through another broker.

Whatever your reason for considering us as your agent, we will endeavour to offer you a combination of low charges and a helpful and efficient ongoing service.

How much could you save?

Traditionally, managed investment funds have included third party payments such as renewal commission into their ongoing annual management charges. Indeed, many investors still hold such funds, typically paying 1.5% each year in charges. The relatively recent introduction of clean share class funds means that investors now have the opportunity to convert any old-style funds they still hold to their equivalent clean versions, thereby saving money year-in, year-out. Here is an example of the difference in charges between the old and the new.

Invesco Perpetual High Income
Old-style charge
1.67% per annum
New-style 'clean' charges
0.87% per annum*

* plus 0.42% p.a. platform and broker fees. Total new-style charges = 1.29% p.a.

You might not think that the difference in this example is significant, but over time and with compound growth, the few minutes you spend reading this offer and filling out our form will be time well spent.

Same investment - different outcomes

Assuming a growth rate of 6% p.a. over the next 10 and 20 years and a current investment value of £30,000 into the Invesco Perpetual High Income Fund, let's take a look at the different outcomes:

Return based on old-style charges

Return over 10 years
Return over 20 years

Return based on new-style 'clean' charges

Return over 10 years
Return over 20 years

That's an improvement of £1,697 over 10 years and £5,283 over 20 years! Of course, it could be less or more than this amount depending on actual growth over the next 10 and 20 years. (The 6% annual growth rate assumed, is not indicative of the future performance of the Invesco Perpetual High Income Fund).

Just two steps to lower charges on your funds

1  Appoint us for cashback now on investments transferred to us

Once we are your appointed agent, we will send you a single initial payment equal to 0.2% of the total investment value transferred to our agency up to a maximum of £1,000 (see the reverse of our Agency Appointment Form for terms of our cashback). Any investments for which you appoint us as agent will remain exactly as they are until you decide you want to convert them to their new 'clean' versions.

There will be no additional charges or fees attached to these 'old-style' funds other than what you are currently paying. We'll also send you consolidated investment valuation and fund monitoring reports every six months at no extra cost and you continue to receive statements in the usual way directly from the fund manager.

We hope you stay with us long-term, but if you are not happy with our service, you are free to transfer away at any time at no cost to you.

To appoint us as agent, simply click here and complete the online agency appointment form.

A Profitable Partnership

Assuming 0.5% p.a. renewal commission, you could expect your payments to be as follows:

Total transfer value
Initial cashback

2  Re-register to Aegon and save money every year on these investments

Once step 1 has been completed, you can get your cost-comparison report comparing the charges you are currently paying to the new-style lower-cost 'clean' charges by going to the convert your funds section on this website. Simply enter your fund details for a comparison quote which you can then print off and retain for your records. At the same time, you can enter your contact details and submit them to receive the necessary application forms to re-register your investments to Aegon. You are under no obligation to move your investments onto the Aegon platform, but should you wish to proceed after comparing the charges and reviewing the benefits, we will handle the re-registration and conversion of your funds at no cost on your behalf.

What happens after we receive your completed Agency Appointment Form?

Once we have received and processed your Agency Appointment Form we will ascertain the current valuation(s) of your investments and send you a cheque in settlement of our cashback. If you then submit an online request to re-register your investments to Aegon, we will send the necessary re-registration forms as soon as everything is ready.

Want more information?

Click here to see our Frequently Asked Questions.

Please contact us if you have any questions and as ever, we'll be happy to assist you.

Here are some of the benefits you can gain by appointing us as your agent

  • An initial cashback of 0.2% of the value of the investments you transfer to our agency up to a maximum of £1,000
  • The possibility of lower ongoing charges, depending on what share class of fund you hold and your existing broker's charges - you can prepare your own comparison report
  • reports every six months showing the individual and consolidated values of your investments plus detailed statistics showing how each of your funds has performed in comparison to its peers.
  • A plethora of online tools to assist you in your decision making process, together with your very own online account where you can view the up-to-date value and performance of all your investments in one place.
  • Experienced customer support - we've been around for a very long time - over 30 years in business.

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